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Re: Wagon questions

> > I have been looking into getting an '89-94 Quattro (wagon?), and have a
> > couple of questions:
> > 
> > 1)  Do all '89-91 200TQ wagons have the 20v motor, and if not, how rare
> >     is the 20v, and how does one identify it?
> I believe that the 20V motor was more the exception than the rule, but there 
> aren't a lot of 200Q wagons of that vintage to start with.  The 20V powered 
> cars had the internal caliper disks up front, so it is possible to see the 
> rotor spider through the openings in the front wheel (makes the wheel look 
> like a hubcap!).  I've heard from the group that it was possible to have them 
> replaced with conventional disks however.  If you are looking in the engine 
> compartment the cross-flow engine is pretty obvious.  

Audi USA stated the number imported for the 1991 200TQ wagon was 365 units
when I initiated and then abandoned a search in December 1993.


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