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Re: Wagon questions

> I have been looking into getting an '89-94 Quattro (wagon?), and have a
> couple of questions:
> 1)  Do all '89-91 200TQ wagons have the 20v motor, and if not, how rare
>     is the 20v, and how does one identify it?

I believe that the 20V motor was more the exception than the rule, but there 
aren't a lot of 200Q wagons of that vintage to start with.  The 20V powered 
cars had the internal caliper disks up front, so it is possible to see the 
rotor spider through the openings in the front wheel (makes the wheel look 
like a hubcap!).  I've heard from the group that it was possible to have them 
replaced with conventional disks however.  If you are looking in the engine 
compartment the cross-flow engine is pretty obvious.  

> 2)  On the'92-94 models, I have yet to see a 5-speed.  How rare are these?

The newer cars use the V6.  I don't think that a MT was even an option
on the V6 powered wagons ):

> 3)  How does a '90 200TQ sedan stack up against a V8 in performance and
>     features.  There is one advertised here for $13,800 that I will look
>     at tomorrow.  The 10v vs. 20v question applies here also:  how rare?

I assume you are asking if a '90 V8 is rare (and that is the type of car you 
can get for ~$14K).  The V8 is much rarer than the 200.  I don't believe that 
you can get a MT on a '90 V8.  I drove a new one around the block and loved the 
sound of the motor and found the ride quite comfortable.  I thought it suffered 
the standard Audi malady of a lack of off the line acceleration, but it was much
quicker than it seemed.  Service may be expensive, but I'd give it a look for 
that price.

> Just a note:  I saw 2 200TQ wagons for sale last weekend here in Colorado,
> both in OK condition w/ 60-70K miles, one was $16K (an '89), the other 
> was $25K (a '91)!  I could not understand the big price diferential, since
> both were in similar condition.  

Don't know what the person with the '91 is thinking if the car has 60K on it.
Maybe Audi's reputation is finally changing.  Are you sure the '91 was a "T"
(turbocharged 5-cylinder)?  $16K is about right for an '89 with low mileage,
but it would have to be in really good shape.  The body style of the wagon 
changed from something that looked like an extended hatchback to something 
that looks like a BMW 535i Touring.  I think that happened somewhere around 
'91-'92.  My preference is for the former.

When in doubt get out the Kelley Blue Book.

> Thanks
> kdg@fc.hp.com

You're welcome ... any time!
Steve Buchholz