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RE: Wagon questions

>1)  Do all '89-91 200TQ wagons have the 20v motor, and if not, how rare
>    is the 20v, and how does one identify it?

The 20V turbo engine was only in the 1991 200 TQ sedan and wagon. The 
late-89 and 90 200 quattros had the 10V turbo engine with dual knock 
sensors. The 1991 200 quattro has slight wheel well lips and 7.5x15 in BBS 
cross spoke wheels. It also has the inboard caliper brakes like the V8.

>Just a note:  I saw 2 200TQ wagons for sale last weekend here in Colorado,
>both in OK condition w/ 60-70K miles, one was $16K (an '89), the other
>was $25K (a '91)!  I could not understand the big price diferential, since
>both were in similar condition.

The difference in price is because the 91 is a 20V turbo wagon and the 89 is 
a 10V turbo wagon. In my opinion, these prices are real high.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com