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Wagon questions

I have been looking into getting an '89-94 Quattro (wagon?), and have a
couple of questions:

1)  Do all '89-91 200TQ wagons have the 20v motor, and if not, how rare
    is the 20v, and how does one identify it?

2)  On the'92-94 models, I have yet to see a 5-speed.  How rare are these?

3)  How does a '90 200TQ sedan stack up against a V8 in performance and
    features.  There is one advertised here for $13,800 that I will look
    at tomorrow.  The 10v vs. 20v question applies here also:  how rare?

Just a note:  I saw 2 200TQ wagons for sale last weekend here in Colorado,
both in OK condition w/ 60-70K miles, one was $16K (an '89), the other 
was $25K (a '91)!  I could not understand the big price diferential, since
both were in similar condition.