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Re: 20v on 10v head

Scott writes:
>Give Ned at Intended Acceleration a call re your 20v connection...  My 
>is you can do much better with your existing 10v head and in the long run 
>more power at a lower price.  The 20v head does not have as much of an
>advantage over a tweeked 10v as you would think...

I have also come to the conclusion that you can get just as much 
performance, up to say 300hp,  from a 10V turbo as you can from a 20V turbo 
with a much lower price. When checking into the 20V turbo engine swap for a 
TQC, the engines are really expensive, if you can even find one. I have 
heard prices from $5000 to $9000 for just the engine, Shokan always being 
the highest. With a TQC/20V in mind, the easiest engine to swap is the 91 
20V turbo, because Audi put this motor into the car at the factory so you 
know it all fits. I think the S4 engine might work, but will require much 
more work because the intake manifold inlet faces the front of the car where 
on the 91engine, the intake plumbing comes along the passenger side and 
behind the engine. I can see a 20V engine swap easily running $10-15k. And 
this is just getting the stock 217hp/227ft-lb specs. The last I heard, the 
300hp performance package for this engine included a replacement turbo, 
replacement exhaust manifold and computer, with Neds price around $5000 and 
Jo Hoppens price around $4000. I think Scott has posted recently that Ned 
now offers a computer only update for the 20V turbo to get around 280hp, but 
I haven't looked into this. The 20V turbos have much perfromance potential 
though, as Ned has demonstrated with the 20V turbo engine in his 5000TQ with 
around 450hp.

For me, the 10V turbo is a winner when looking at the performance per dollar 
ratio. A quick check around shows a complete 10V turbo MC engine from an 
86-89 5000/200TQ going from $1500 to $2800(Shokan), this estimate included 
the complete engine, fuel distributor, wiring harness, ECU, etc. Add in a 
new turbo, camshaft and computer update and you have around 300hp for less 
than $5000. I would say the 10V turbo has the cost advantage. But them 20V 
turbo's are coool...
Dave Lawson  dlawson@Ball.com