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Re: Audio Work 4000cs

>I have 85 4000s, and I heard that it is impossible to remove
>two front in-dash speakers.  I was told to disconnect the
>orginial speakers in dash and install two brand new set in the
>door panel.  I just put two good spaekers in the back, and
>it helps little bit.

It is not too hard, just takes a bit of time. First remove the lower dash 
section and set aside. This is held in by 3 or 4 screws which go into the 
top dashboard, the center console and the rear of the glove box. The 
passenger side dash section will have the O2 control unit and maybe the 
altitude sensor attached to it. Disconnect these connectors. Next, the side 
vents are held in by 2 small tabs on the top and bottom of the vent near the 
sides. Press these inward and slide the vent out through the opening. With 
the vent removed, you can see the 2 screws which hold in the speakers. 
Unscrew these and remove the speaker from the top of the dash.

Installation is the reverse of removal. :-)
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com