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Re: 1985 4000s knock sensor question


Is the MSD kit only for monitoring knock, or will it sense and adjust
ignition timing too? If not, do they have an after-markt knock sensor? Are
you familiar with the aftermarket knock sensor from J&S Electronics? The J&S
unit is about $425.

>  I would like to suggest purchasing a kit offered by MSD for about $125 US
>  to monitor knock. You get a nice GREEN-ORANGE -RED bar-graph LED display
>  and control unit, built-in audio alert, adjsutable sensivity and easy
>  installation; power, ground and sensor wire. They work great! I can
>  observe the different detonation levels of 1-2 octane points in fuel
>  quality or 1-2 PSI boost changes. It's the only way to keep a highly
>  boosted engine together.....
>  A mixture readout makes a very nice companion instrument.
>  -glen


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)