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Re: Alignment/pulling right

>My under 3000km Audi quattro is suffering from a pulling to the right.
>This occurs if Im traveling on a straight road, if I let go of the
>wheel the car slowly wanders to the right, and Im finding myself 
>continuously countersteering against these effects.  I have to go back
>to the shop again with it.  The first two times all they did was rotated
>and aligned the tires to factory specs., but now Im convinced it is 
>something else.  Could it be that the quattro is giving more power to the
>right wheels of the car?  What ideas do you have?

My '87 4000CSQ did this from the day I purchased it new. I tried many
alignments and tires over the years. John Beckius (Sport Wheels) suggested
that it may be a slight deviation in caster which is not adjustable.
However, he said, if you could get an alignment shop to work with you,  they
might be able to loosen up the subframe, and "knock" it in the desired
direction. I didn't get around to trying this. I did replace my control arm
bushings, and behold, no more drift! 


bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)