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Re: Alignment/pulling right

On Thu, 23 Feb 1995, Bruce Bell wrote:

> >My under 3000km Audi quattro is suffering from a pulling to the right.
> >This occurs if Im traveling on a straight road, if I let go of the
> >wheel the car slowly wanders to the right, and Im finding myself 
> >continuously countersteering against these effects.  I have to go back
> >to the shop again with it.  The first two times all they did was rotated
> >and aligned the tires to factory specs., but now Im convinced it is 
> >something else.  Could it be that the quattro is giving more power to the
> >right wheels of the car?  What ideas do you have?
> >Jason
> My '87 4000CSQ did this from the day I purchased it new. I tried many
> alignments and tires over the years. John Beckius (Sport Wheels) suggested
> that it may be a slight deviation in caster which is not adjustable.
> However, he said, if you could get an alignment shop to work with you,  they
> might be able to loosen up the subframe, and "knock" it in the desired
> direction. I didn't get around to trying this. I did replace my control arm
> bushings, and behold, no more drift! 
> Bruce
> bbell@csn.org (Bruce Bell)
Thanks for the info.  I dont think the drift/wandering to the right is 
related to imperfections in the car's structure.  I say this because
the car used to be dead-accurate straight, and then about a week ago
it developed the pull to the right, seems like something broke - and no
I did not bash into anything.  I may investigate your control-arm bushings
solution though (what ever those are!).


Jason Filuk
94 Sport Quattro