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Re: '94 Audi Quattro (was No Subject)

Hi Jason,

>My under 3000km Audi quattro is suffering from a pulling to >the right.
>This occurs if Im traveling on a straight road, if I let go of >the
>wheel the car slowly wanders to the right, and Im finding >myself 
>continuously countersteering against these effects. 

Does it with occur with "powered" driving or coasting or both? How about
putting it into neutral (in a safe location, such as a deserted parking lot),
and letting your hands off the wheel?

If it happens in neutral, it probably isn't the Quattro system, and just a
suspension problem.

These are *preliminary* steps I would also try...

Nivi@aol.com (not an Audi guru)
1990 Coupe Quattro/1986 Chevy Caprice