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Re: got keyed

On Sat, 4 Feb 1995 jafiluk@acs.ucalgary.ca wrote:

> Hi group,
> Any of you have any experience repairing nasty scratches?  Last
> night someon thought it would be a good idea to take their car
> key to my pearl white finish.
> The surface where the scratch is is still smooth, there is no dent,
> but just a white-silver scratch.  Would the touch-up paint suffice, I
> guess the hardest part would be to match it to the rest of the color?
> Jason
Once my sister decided to ride her bicycle along the side of the car, 
leaving a very big scratch which was pretty much through the paint - very 
much through the paint, actually. It just polished out: if you get to it 
quickly with cutting polish, rub parallel strokes perpendicular to the 
scratch, hard at first, working to very light, then go over this with a 
decent wax, it should come out, though it takes a lot of effort.

The brand I use is called Autoglym, and works superbly. It's not wise to 
apply this stuff too often, as it works by taking the top layer off the 
paint. You really just have to work at it for hours; it puts holes in all 
your cloths and makes your arms ache, but if the paint is not too faded, 
it should come good, unnoticable to all except you.

A friend found that the sliding sunroof on his 325i had been *badly* 
scratched down to the metal by something in the mechanism; took it to the 
dealer and they machine polished it out for nothing.