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VR6 syncro

I have just this moment returned from the Newsagent's (a desperate effort 
to avoid doing any work) where I read in Autocar an interesting report on 
future Volkswagens (over the next few months). Since this was mentioned 
on the list within the last few weeks, I thought I should pass on the 
details. The current Corrado is to be axed in the Autumn, the replacement 
model will not follow for two years (and will be based on a contemporary 
golf platform). However, in the meantime, VW is definitely releasing a 
new syncro golf, equipped with the 2.9 litre VR6 engine. I can't see how 
this would lead to dodgy weight distribution problems (somebody suggested 
this would be the case last week), and VW had on display at the Dutch 
Motorshow an example in metallic purple. The 2.9 has 190 bhp and 
considerably more torque than the 2.8; the car sounds great. About six 
years ago, VW Motorsport released a very limited edition G60 syncro 
equipped with a 16 valve head, about which Performance Car could not 
eulogise enough. Like the VR6, it was completely stealthy: single 
headlamp grille, no badging, stock alloys, no red trimmings. I hope the 
new one will be just as subtle - far better than any boyracer fords with 
their ubiquitous spoilers.