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Free Quattros!

Naah.  Maybe you'll read this note now though :).

Someone wrote:
> Damn, I'm so sick of crummy alignments and balancing by some kid who
> isn't old enough to drive, and I know I have at least one alloy that could
> use a little straightening.  So if you have the number handy  . . .

Here's a new one folks: RTD.


This is from the now-outdated faq I collected, on swiss.

Q: My rims are bent.  Do I need new ones, or is there a place
   that can fix them?

        7281 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, MD 21227
        (800) 526-8260
        (410) 796-8400
   The shop was originally recommended by abd@cadre.com on this
   list.  I had an out of round Audi alloy wheel put back into service
   for a fraction of what a new rim would have cost.  I dropped it off
   on a Thursday and picked it up the following Monday, w/tire mounted
   and balanced.

Is it possible that people still don't realize that there is a ton
of info on the server, accesible via email, ftp, gopher and http?
It's being accessed, but I never get any updates to the info.
For example, it would be nice to report back with positive info
on vendors, ie, I am now shopping for bearings and will update
the parts_vendors file with 'best deal on bearings' under the company
I select.

So please folks - read the docs, read the docs, and help me update 

And in case it's not clear in the huge doc you got when you
subscribed to the list, all majordomo commands go to majordomo@swiss.
ans.net, NOT to quattro, NOT to quattro-owner, NOT to quattro-digest.

Your coffee-less listmeister,

| Dan |
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