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re: tyres on the 100

>On Fri, 3 Feb 1995, Kyung Min Yi wrote:

>There is a place called the "Alinement Shop" (no,I did not misspell) in 
>Tallmadge Ohio that performs this service also.  I don't know if they 
>would do any mail-order work, but their price is about $40 per wheel.  
>They have successfully straightened my friend's factory BBS's on his 16V 
>GTi, and they work great.  
>Tallmadge is near Akron Ohio(NE).  If anyone wants the number or address, 
>I'll be glad to give it.
>That's not too far from you, Mr. Healey.  You listening??

But of course, so you're saying there is actually a decent alignment shop
with a wheel straightener in OH?

Damn, I'm so sick of crummy alignments and balancing by some kid who
isn't old enough to drive, and I know I have at least one alloy that could
use a little straightening.  So if you have the number handy  . . .

thanks in advance  :-)

jim h
>			---Bob