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Re: Potent non-Potables

>[from Steven Buchholz]
>>My understanding is that Propylene Glycol is non toxic, or at least not as
>>toxic as Ethylene Glycol, but even the propylene stuff can pick up metals
>>from the cooling system and become toxic.  Does anyone on the net have any
>The old formula of Dr.Pepper, the soft drink, has minute amounts of Polypro
>Glycol in it. It's listed on the ingredients. Way down on the list.
>Isn't this stuff the same stuff in the eco-coolant. Sierra brand coolant?
>Sierra is phosphate free.
>Ernest Wong
>email: esw5@cornell.edu
A long time ago, in a previous life, I did a quickie analysis on a cool suit
for a basic Space Station Space Suit.  NASA, who is EXTREMELY 
careful about what they put near an astronaut, had no problem with using
P. Glycol as the working fluid.   Kind of a Good Housekeeping (Station-keeping?)
seal of approval.  I figured it was only a matter of time before someone
sold the stuff for cars.

jim h