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Re: Free Quattros!

>Naah.  Maybe you'll read this note now though :).
>Someone wrote:
>> Damn, I'm so sick of crummy alignments and balancing by some kid who
>> isn't old enough to drive, and I know I have at least one alloy that could
>> use a little straightening.  So if you have the number handy  . . .
>Here's a new one folks: RTD.
>This is from the now-outdated faq I collected, on swiss.
>Q: My rims are bent.  Do I need new ones, or is there a place
>   that can fix them?
>        7281 Washington Blvd, Elkridge, MD 21227
>        (800) 526-8260
>        (410) 796-8400
>   The shop was originally recommended by abd@cadre.com on this
>   list.  I had an out of round Audi alloy wheel put back into service
>   for a fraction of what a new rim would have cost.  I dropped it off
>   on a Thursday and picked it up the following Monday, w/tire mounted
>   and balanced.
>Is it possible that people still don't realize that there is a ton

Whoa, hold on, get your message straight bub ( :-) ),  I was the
someone who was asking Bob Phillips for a local number, because 
we live near (relatively speaking) each other.  I know of Ye Olde, but 
I don't feel like dealing with UPMS snail mail to get a marginal (so it 
has an extra 1/4 weight or so) wheel fixed.  But if its local, and half 
the price, I am a lot more likely to try them out.

And  yes I know of the Docs, I've even contributed to the docs.  Since I
am currently switching winter and summer tires seasonally (haven't
found an aftermarket alloy I'm happy with for a reasonable price)
I've seen my share of good and bad balancing, and the only reason
for a poor balance on a decent wheel/tire is lack of effort.  So I figure
I'd be better off with (a) new wheels or (b) a well repaired wheel and
hopefully require less human input.  My alignment complaints are in a
similiar vein.  Many shops just push the buttons on the Hunter and
try to get you somewhere within spec.  Then they tell you you're
brand new struts are original parts and need to be replaced right
away or you'll be in trouble.  Ugh, Mondays . . .

(all said with an understanding of being coffeeless)  :-)

jim h

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