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Some newbie questions on a regular '91 100

Got my wife another Audi, it's her third Audi in 3 years :).

Here are the questions on the '91 100

(1) The '91 feels more sluggish at low speed than her old '87 5000S (130 hp)
    Is this related to the transmission ?  The '91 has the 4-sp tranny.

(2) The climate control doesn't seem as effective as the '87 also, the defrost
    mode isn't working that great and the windows fog up (hope it's not a
    leaky radiator core, and I don't smell any coolant yet) in very cold weather    and the compressor isn't on due to cold weather.  Any way to check the 
    proper function of the climate control ?  I have a feeling the car is not
    venting properly to the outside, where are the inlets/outlets for the 
    ventilation ?

(3) The car also seem to have a bit more wind noise thant the '87 at moderate
    speed 50mph or so.  The windows seems fine however, is there a simple way
    to check for leakage ?  The doors seem well aligned.  However, the car is
    a bit quieter than the '87 so I may hear more wind noise :) ??

(4) The car still has its original Dunlop SP6 tires except one, I think the 
    dealer replaced one tire, could be due to wear, by one Pirelli P500.
    Is the P500 a good all around tire for the car ?  I guess I can buy three
    P500 and make it all around Pirelli.

(5) Why is '91 100 on the Consumer Report's Used Car to Avoid list ?? :)

    As a side bar, I was looking for a Saab for my wife instead of an Audi.
She totalled the first one '85 5000S, then I bought her the '87 5000S two
years ago, the car was stalling out when she hit the brakes hard, and the
tires need replacing, and it's leaking oil thru the head gasket, so I figured
it's paying someone to do the work for thousands or exchange it for something
else.  All the Saab dealers in NJ ask big bucks for a '91 4dr auto 900 or 9000.
My wife has been spoiled by the interior room of the 5000 series so the 900 is
out, and there are very few good condition 9000 around, so we just called up
the Audi dealers and get another 100.  For under $9000 (including tax and trade
-in), can't beat the deal with a car with ABS and air-bag (NO mechanized belts).Saw a couple of Nissan Maximas, good car, good power, no air-bag, no ABS,
and hate those mechanized seatbelts, and they asked for $10K to $13K.  Oh well.

    If the '91 can last for three or four years with proper maintainence, we'll
have a good deal in the making :).  

    Damn those Audi bodies, they just keep their shape so well :)

					Tak Cheung