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Re: Some newbie questions on a regular '91 100

Hairy green toads from Mars made Tak Cheung say:

> Got my wife another Audi, it's her third Audi in 3 years :).

I hope the others still have good homes, and have not met
violent or untimely deaths ;-)

I can't answer some of your questions, but have a few things
that might help you.

> (2) The climate control doesn't seem as effective as the '87 also, the defrost
>     mode isn't working that great and the windows fog up (hope it's not a
>     leaky radiator core, and I don't smell any coolant yet) in very cold weather    and the compressor isn't on due to cold weather.  Any way to check the 
>     proper function of the climate control ?  I have a feeling the car is not
>     venting properly to the outside, where are the inlets/outlets for the 
>     ventilation ?

This could be the dreaded "recirculate flap" problem. My Climate Control
(in an '89 100Q) does just fine keeping the windows clear at 0 degrees
with a car full of people. The flap is located somewhere behind the
glove compartment. I believe there is something in the FAQ about this.

> (3) The car also seem to have a bit more wind noise than the '87 at moderate
>     speed 50mph or so.  The windows seems fine however, is there a simple way
>     to check for leakage ?  The doors seem well aligned.  However, the car is
>     a bit quieter than the '87 so I may hear more wind noise :) ??

Your explanation could be correct. One way to check for leakage is
to crack the sunroof open (by tilting up the back) just a bit. If
the noise around the windows gets worse, you have leaky weatherstripping.

My '89 makes a little wind noise, but it's pretty quiet overall.

> (4) The car still has its original Dunlop SP6 tires except one, I think the 
>     dealer replaced one tire, could be due to wear, by one Pirelli P500.
>     Is the P500 a good all around tire for the car ?  I guess I can buy three
>     P500 and make it all around Pirelli.

YUK!!!!! Don't get P500's! I made that mistake with my old Golf,
and Mike La Rosa recently made it (against my advice ;-) on his
100Q. The P500 is a marginal, mediocre tire. Poor traction,
poor dry handling, and fairly noisy. Not that cheap, either.

The Dunlops would be better, but I highly recommend the Goodrich
Comp T/A VR4. Get the "V", not the "H". There's a big difference.
They cost about $100/corner.

> (5) Why is '91 100 on the Consumer Report's Used Car to Avoid list ?? :)

Because they need maintenance (all german cars do), and American drivers
don't maintain their cars properly. This makes for $$$ repairs a couple
of years down the road. Of course, we know that Audi's never need
any $$$ repairs, don't we?

Seriously, Audis need specialized work, much of which can't be
handled by your typical corner garage. You need a good mechanic,
and the help of a mailing list like this one.


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