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Re: UR_quattro_questions

     Since my 83 Quattro has adjustable boost, I am curious how much this 
   boost can be increased without requiring computer mods. Does anyone have 
   any input on this. 

Ha! Not much! When I had the "S4" turbo installed in mine, the computer
had a tendency to over-boost trip running the stock wastegate/spring.

    Additionally, does anyone know at which boost pressure the computer goes 
   into "overboost protection mode"?

Varies with rpm, it's around 7psi at 2000, rising quickly to around 11psi
(1.7 bar is the spec, I think) by, oh, 2500 or so.

    Finally, My quattro requires distributor cap replacement at less than 
   700 mile increments to maintain maximum performance. After 1500 miles it 
   becomes apparent even at idle. My 83 coupe GT also sufferd from rapid 
   distributor cap wear (Excessive deposits on terminals) but it was not so 
   rapid as my quattro. Any insights? The wires and coil are new bosch 
   replacements and I've tried different spark plugs with no improvement.

This is one problem my car hasn't sprung on me. They should certainly last
far *far* longer than 700-1500 miles! Are you running the right coil/et al?
No aftermarket "high performance" coil boosters, or anything?

   Also I've tried using low resistance performance (copper core) wires, but 
   the computer senses something is amiss and promptly cuts power to the 
   ignition system. (probably preventing me from stupidly damaging my 
   EXTREMELY expensive computer and/or ignition control unit).

Interesting. These cars certainly are good for keeping one entertained with
trying to understand/rationalize their antics, eh?

I think you'd only damage the ICU, which is only $150 or thereabouts to
replace, not the unthinkably-expen$ive computer, if you could even find