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RE: UR_quattro_questions

Hi Rod,

>  Since my 83 Quattro has adjustable boost, I am curious how much this
>boost can be increased without requiring computer mods. Does anyone have
>any input on this.

On my 83, it depends on the elevation. Here around Denver, approx 5000 feet, 
I can run around 13.5 - 14psi boost with the stock computer, depending on 
the air temp. When I took my car to Minnesota, it cut out instantly once I 
jumped on the boost. I ended up  turning it down to around 10 -11psi boost 
and I could accelerate at full throttle at this setting.

> Additionally, does anyone know at which boost pressure the computer goes
>into "overboost protection mode"?

There is a curve in the "quattro : introductory service training 
information" manual which shows this. I can't remember the values and don't 
have the manual handy.

I have never heard of a problem with the distributor cap like that. Sorry no 
help there.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com