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RE: Ur-ethane bushings

Hi Steve,

>I've been told that urethane bushings are not available for the anti-sway
>bar on the '83 ur-Q.  I checked the majordomo archives and a company called 

>Sport Wheels was given as a supplier.  No address was given, it is not in
>he parts_vendors list, and I didn't see the company listed in EC.  If
>anyone knows about Sport Wheels, or any other supplier of urethane
>suspension bits I'd appreciate it if you could forward that info to me.

Sport Wheels carries urethane control arm bushings, but no sway bar bushings 
to fit the stock sized sway bars. I know John has oversized sway bars 
available for the early TQC suspension and I believe these come with 
urethane bushings. I think Dan Bocek has a set of these bars on his 83, 
right Dan?  I will probably be getting a set of these bars this spring. When 
I went through my suspension on the 83 TQC last may, I replaced the sway bar 
bushings with new stock rubber ones.

Sport Wheels - John Bekius
3030 Grand Avenue
Glenwood Springs, CO  81601

Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com