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'89 200 TQW

Scott of PDQSHIP says:
" Currently looking to buy probably a 89200tq for the dual knock sensors, 
I'll put the RS2 turbo on it and give the bump to 320hp.  I would love to
find an 89 TQavant for this purpose, but the prices are just too damned 
 but what a sleeper in RS2 trim a wagon would be!"

Prestige Porsche-Audi in Denver has an '89 200 TQW, 73K miles, Lago Blue, 
grey interior, sport seats.  Their advertised price is $15900, through a 
broker I know, $14800 (I checked today).

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro
'91 200 Quattro Wagon for the next three weeks while my aunt is out of town