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turbo bypass valve

Dan writes about the turbo bypass valve for his Ur-Quattro.  I tried the 
same thing when I had mine, and while I could tell a difference, it wasn't a 
huge difference.  I bought mine from the local Saab dealer, as this is also 
a standard part on the 900 turbos.  The part was a Bosch part.  The price 
was around $35.

When I installed mine, I had some metal hoses fabricated at an exhaust shop 
for about $40, with fittings to accept the bypass valve.  There isn't much 
space in that area, and it was kind of a pain.

Mark Mertz of SuperCar Services (303-722-3337) put one on an '85 Ur-quattro 
that he had already extensivley modifed.  His experience with them seemed to 
work out well, and was a carry over from a highly modified Maserati 
Bi-turbo.  It might be worth calling him to see where he actually put the 

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro