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Sluggish '89 200; looking for '85TQC

Somebody wrote:
"I've got about 90K of easy miles and have recently been experiencing a loss
of power. Seems like the turbo is not kicking in! Doesn't do it all the 
Still trying to define symptoms as to temperature, rpm etc. Any thoughts as
to which xxxx is sick."

When I had an '89 200, I noticed that I couldn't get full boost all the 
time, and I also noticed that the coolant temperature gauge wasn't working 
correctly either.  I replaced the sender (4 pin, I think) and it fixed both 
problems.  The computer won't allow full boost till the engine is warmed up, 
and the faulty sender was telling the computer the engine was still cold.

BTW, anybody know of any '85 TQC's for sale?  I really like my '90 Coupe, 
but it just doesn't have the "personality" that my '83 TQC did.  However, I 
don't want something with that much "personlity" ($$).  So, if anybody's 
interested in a '90 coupe, I can e-mail you the particulars.

Alex Chernushin
'90 Coupe Quattro