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[Bob D'Amato: Re: License Plate]

The other reason for mandatory front license plates is to provide a nice
reflective surface for laser speed measurement -- one of the reasons many
states have adapted light-reflective materials for the plate design.  
There are several companies selling clear plastic "radar-absorbing" 
license plate covers to neutralize LIDAR (sorry, I don't have any info
on whether they actually work).  One nifty trick I've seen here in NJ is
to carefully mask out the characters on the plates, then airbrush the
reflective background with flat automotive paint to match the original 
color and pattern (the NJ plates have a boring beige-to-white background 
so it's easy to simulate -- could be difficult on fancy "picture" plates).  
Peel off the masking tape when done and voila!  Instant reduction in LIDAR 
lock-on range!

I've also seen a couple of things for helping defeat photo-radar.  I 
once saw an ad for a plastic license plate cover that contained a polar-
izing layer(s) that would obscure the license plate if viewed from more
than 15-20 degrees off-axis.  I've also heard that several heavy layers 
of high gloss polyurethane on a smooth plate (ie: without raised letters)
will cause reflected light to sufficiently obscure the characters when 
photographed from an oblique angle.  

Standard non-liability disclaimer applies - I don't advocate or practice
any of the above-mentioned techniques which have been provided for infor-
mational purposes only.  YMMV!!!

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On Thu, 16 Feb 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> > needs a new plate, the registery now gives them two plates.  The reason
> > for the switch over (according to a  state Trooper) is that it makes it
> > easier for a hit and run victim to identify the car that hit them by
> > allowing them to view the plate before they are hit.  Just my $.02.
> > 
> > 	Andrew
> > 
> YEAH RIGHT!  I'm gonna be able to read & remember that license number as 
> I pass between the wheels!  Tha's a good one!  Maybe they expect to get 
> an imprint of the number from your legs!  The real reason is so that the 
> photo-RADAR they have can get your license number along with your mugshot.  
> Welcome to 1984 Andrew!  BTW, the state of California has issued two 
> plates for cars for as long as I can remember, and the law requires that 
> both be displayed ... but they don't enforce the law very rigorously so 
> some anarchistic scofflaws (not ME of course!) leave the front plate off 
> to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of our low-Cd cars.
> Steve Buchholz^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HAnonymous

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