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Re: [Bob D'Amato: Re: License Plate]

On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, Chris Idleman wrote:

> on whether they actually work).  One nifty trick I've seen here in NJ is
> to carefully mask out the characters on the plates, then airbrush the
> reflective background with flat automotive paint to match the original 
> color and pattern (the NJ plates have a boring beige-to-white background 
> so it's easy to simulate -- could be difficult on fancy "picture" plates).  
> Peel off the masking tape when done and voila!  Instant reduction in LIDAR 
> lock-on range!

Thanks Bob, that sounds like it would be a neat trick for our Ohio plates 
with the silvery/white background.  BUT... I got nailed by LIDAR a few 
months ago and didn't have a front plate installed.  I had a "DEALER" 
plate on from my father's shop, and a rear is not required.  I have since 
changed to a regular plate, and as I have two monster Hella driving 
lights in the hoes for the front plate bracket I have no plate on the 
front.  Haven't been stopped for it yet, but I'm not holding my breath.
  I also have a *very* dark tinted plate cover on the rear which I have 
been using for quite some time without hassles from Ohio authorities. 
 Hope this didn't jinx me!!
			---87 4000S, 1.8L