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Re: Turbo Theories

On Fri, 17 Feb 1995, Steven Buchholz wrote:

> This might actually be the source of the flames that someone spoke about.  
> The fuel was probably injected into the exhaust.  I don't think that the 

The way I understood it, with my only basic knowledge of turbos, was the 
flames on the race cars were a result of "dumping" the extra fuel/air 
mixture directly into the atmosphere, rather than putting it back into 
the system somewhere.  I don't think that the EPA Nazis would be very 
pleased about this on a "street" car.

But, on a similar train of thought, I have heard that an extra spark plug 
in the exhaust tract of any car, hooked to a power source, would produce 
a large flame out the pipes.  I have seen some 50's style Hot Rods that 
have done this for show/cruising purposes.  It seems that most engines 
are simply not efficient enough to burn all of the explosive gases.  When 
a spark is introduced into the exhaust stream, it ignites the *unburned* 
explosive gases present in the exhaust.
P.S. That is what EGR vlaves are for: to reintroduce the unburned gases 
to the intake.