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Re: 200 Turbo Quattro Wagon

> While out-and-about this weekend scavenging for parts, I happened across a
> 1991 200 Turbo Quattro Wagon that had been hit (lightly) on the left front
> corner and was being sold by the salvage yard as a "rebuilder" instead of
> being parted out.
> Ordinarily, I wouldn't be interested in pursuing this but they were asking
> only $4,400 -- the car had less than 60k miles and otherwise appeared to
> be in pretty good condition -- and I can't imagine it would cost more than
> $2k or so to fix (hood, fender, bumper cover, headlight assembly, misc.
> trim & perhaps some time on a rack pulling the strut tower straight) ...
> although the idea of driving a rebuilt wreck doesn't thrill me, a 200TQW
> for $7,000 certainly does bring a smile to my face.  :^)
[snip, snip]

Upon closer inspection, the damage proved to be a bit more extensive than I
first realized -- I think it's going to need a front subframe along with an
anti-roll bar, control arm, strut housing and wheel -- but these are fairly
cheap (relatively speaking, of course!) and readily available as used parts.

Of course, the price I was originally quoted ($4,400) turned out to be just
a little on the low side -- according to the manager, the correct price was
$6,900 -- but after a bit of negotiation, he was willing to come down a bit
and agreed to deliver it at no charge.

Yes, folks, I bought it.  It'll probably be a couple of months yet before I
have it back on the road (I'm in the tax business and will be busy over the
next few months not to mention the fact that I'm now broke -- time to think
about selling a car or two, eh?) but I look forward to the day.  It will be
a couple of weeks before I have the money to start buying any parts for it,
but it you've got any of the above parts for sale, drop me a note ... I can
always fall back upon my got credit cards, if necessary!
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