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Re: re:Hydraulic Lifters

> Merrill Hoekstra wrote:
> > 
> >   Here is my question:  how serious is that clickety-clack sound at
> >   startup?  Do you just live with this?  Do you change the oil
> >   Are the valves adjustable?
> > 
> If the car has not been run for a couple of days it is possible that the 
> hydraulic lifters have leaked down to the point where there is lifter
> noise at start up.  There is one thing I read that can cause this to be
> more annoying.  I read in the tech notes (service bulletins) that there
> is a valve in the oil return from the lifters, and if this valve fails it
> can cause excessive lifter noise on start up.  

Both of my '87 5000s start getting noisy on start-up at approx. 2000 miles
after the last oil change; as soon as I change the oil-and-filter, however,
it goes away.  My '85 4000s autocross car used to get noisy at every event
but would quite down by the time I drove it home.  My '91 100 is quiet all
the time (of course, it only has 33k miles on it, which may have something
to do with this).

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