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re:Hydraulic Lifters

Merrill Hoekstra wrote:
>   Here is my question:  how serious is that 
> clickety-clack sound at startup?  Do you just live with this?  Do you 
> change the oil viscosity?  Are the valves adjustable?
If the car has not been run for a couple of days it is possible that the 
hydraulic lifters have leaked down to the point where there is lifter noise 
at start up.  There is one thing I read that can cause this to be more 
annoying.  I read in the tech notes (service bulletins) that there is a 
valve in the oil return from the lifters, and if this valve fails it can 
cause excessive lifter noise on start up.  

My '88 5kCSTQ had an intermittent problem with the lifters.  For a while 
one or more lifters would make noise even after the engine had been warmed 
up and driven.  Before I went out & bought a new set I decided to try an 
oil additive to clean the lifters.  This stuff made an immediate difference.
Unfortunately I don't remember what it was called.

Steve Buchholz