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Re: Hydraulic Lifters

On Mon, 6 Feb 1995, Phil Payne wrote:

> b) It's significantly influenced by the oil filter - Audi's "turbo" filter 
> cartridges have a non-return valve that keeps oil up in the oilways when the 
> engine is switched off.  Not all turbos have hydraulic lifters - not all 
> hydraulic lifters have turbos.  I believe the filters are otherwise 
> interchangeable.

Do you know if the "turbo: oil filter will interchange with the 1.8L-4cyl 
engine?  I have the same problem, especially when it's cold (like now) 
and I am running synthetic oil.(5W50 Castrol Syntec)

I thought that all of the factory Audi filters and even some of the 
aftermarket ones had the anti-drainback valve.  Do they?