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Story behind missing Quattro

    As a response to an inquiry on how my Ur quattro came to be missing:

  Apparently a  friend of the previous owner decided to take the 
quattro  on a high speed gymnastics lesson. Into a guardrail and down a 
hill in a series of sumersaults that was certainly less than entertaining.
The driver and passenger escaped unscathed. And actually, the quattro was 
in surprisingly repairable condition. The car was then sent to a shop 
called GPV performance in cleveland for repair. 
 -at this point the facts get rather fuzzy. I purchased both quattro's 
(the other one is currently my daily driver) for a obscenely low price 
and was only interested in completing the transaction before he came to 
his senses. I was able to gain very little information on the history or 
status of either car. I was simply told that the owner of GPV had 
"relocated" the car, and that there were two stories regarding where it 
was.  Well, the deal was far too good to pass up, parts car or no parts 
car, so I took the Quattro and ran. 
   Story number one was (as maintained by the owner of GPV) that the car 
was simply placed in storage to get it out of the way and after paying 
some minor storage fees I could take delivery. 
   Story number two (as told by another prospective buyer, turned-off by 
the unavailability of the parts car) was that the car had obviously been 
sold long ago and that GPV was certainly not going to be cooperative.

Well, obviously story number one was not true. Pete at GPV seemed very 
helpful, insisting that he simply needed a few more days to settle the 
storage debt and I'd get my car. Being as sharp and perceptive as I am, 
upon about the 30th time of being told "call back in a few days" I began 
to get suspicious. 
  I managed to pry out of Pete the name of the place where the car was  
supposedly being stored. "Aetna Road Auto wrecking" Hmm. "stored"?. 
Things were'nt looking up. It got worse when I talked to the Owners of 
the junkyard. Pete was certainly not on the top of their "most favorite 
people list".  They told me that they were in the process of being sued 
by pete for "beating the living shit out of him". Apparently, Pete had 
been "storing" a 57 chevy that belonged to one of the owners and had 
simply one day decided to sell it. Hmmm.  They welcomed me to check their 
yard. Which I did , under the guises of a parts search. No quattro. Hmm.  
Pete still maintains (the last 20 times that I called him) that the car 
is in this junkyard. I tell him I checked twice, He tells me it must be 
there. Not a very creative liar. The owners of the junkyard insist it was 
never there.  
   So here I am, looking for car 85-c-900-666 more out of curiousity than 
any real need for its (probably also worn) parts. Figuring it may have 
been sold to an audi dismantler, considering the lack of demand for these 
parts (at least locally). It was one of only a handfull of Ur quattros 
officially titled as an 82 in the US.  

  I told you It  was a long story. sorry to take up so much space.
-Rod  <rwiggins@rs6000.baldwinw.edu>

By the way, I got both cars for $2500. Sorry.