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Re: URQ Emerg Brake Cables

On Tue, 7 Feb 1995, NED BENNETT wrote:

> Hey youse guys....
> Is $28 a deal for OEM URQ and 4kQ emergency brake cables???
> (pn 857609721D,  857609721E)
> - ned bennett
>Yep, I just paid $45 for these parts from German Parts and Restoration 
in CA. Unfortunately, they were the wrong parts. Audi used three 
different part numbers for each side. The difference being the last 
letter. These parts are not interchangeable. Check your vin number 
against the listing in the dealer microfiche. I have a copy of these 
microfiche if your dealer is uncooperative. 
-Rod. <rwiggins@rs6000.balwinw.edu>