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Re: Audio Work 4000cs (dash spkr replacement)


No, it's not impossible to remove the front speakers, but it isn't exactly
easy either.  I replaced the dash speakers in my '84 4000S with two 
4" Blaupunkt coax units.

Here's the procedure:

Remove the speaker units.  They're held by two screws from under the dash.  Get
to them by removing the dash vents, which just pull out after carefully prying
up the edges.  Use a very sharp knife with a strong blade to cut away the
plastic welds holding the original speakers in.  A slip here can break the
plastic housings, so be very careful, or use a Dremel-type tool to "burr" them
off instead.  I broke one of mine, but it was cracked to begin with.  This
leaves a nice round hole in the housing.

Then cut the ears off the Blaupunkts and slip them into the hole.  Use silicone
glue (caulk) all around the speaker to secure it in the hole and keep it from
buzzing.  Let this cure for 24 hours before moving.  Refit the speakers into
the dash (don't forget to connect the wires!) and resinstall the dash vents
by fitting the pipe into the air hose then snapping it the rest of the way
into the dash.  They sound very nice!

This technique is not for the faint of heart.  Caveat emptor.

Ed Skladany

> From: Kyung Min Yi <kmy4s@curry.edschool.virginia.edu>
> Date: Wed, 8 Feb 95 10:27:22 EST
> Subject: Re: Audio Work 4000cs
> I have 85 4000s, and I heard that it is impossible to remove
> two front in-dash speakers.  I was told to disconnect the
> orginial speakers in dash and install two brand new set in the
> door panel.  I just put two good spaekers in the back, and
> it helps little bit.
> 				Peter