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Re: Audio Work 4000cs (dash spkr replacement)

On Wed, 8 Feb 1995 eds@VFL.Paramax.COM wrote:

> Then cut the ears off the Blaupunkts and slip them into the hole.  Use silicone
> glue (caulk) all around the speaker to secure it in the hole and keep it from
> buzzing.  Let this cure for 24 hours before moving.  Refit the speakers into
> the dash (don't forget to connect the wires!) and resinstall the dash vents
> by fitting the pipe into the air hose then snapping it the rest of the way
> into the dash.  They sound very nice!

Just for the record Ed, what type of speakers did you replace them 
with??  I have been thinking of doing this to my 87 4000S for a while.  I 
upgraded the rears to 5.25" Blaupunkt's along with a 50X50 Amp.