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1991 V8 quattro

This weekend I am going to go look at a 91 V8 with 5sp.  I wanted to know 
about the inboard disk brakes.  Can they be replaced or should they be 
replaced? problems?  What about the 5 speed, is it problem prone also?
They owner is asking $12,500 said that it needs new paint? ran it through
some bushes I think.  I had not really considered this car (V8) as I want 
to get an S4 or 91 200tq but with the 5 speed I hope it is more to my liking
than the slush version was.  What will a audi dealer charge to inspect a 
car and will they really tell me anything I cant see for myself.  
On another note I have always been wary of high miliage audis because we 
have not had any to make it past 120k, warped heads, cracked heads and 
blocks.  It happenned to 5 cars, a 81 diesil to 86 5000 wagon which were 
serviced regulary alongside 3 peugoet 505s which are still purring today.
Thanks for any feedback about the V8, if I dont buy it I can pass along 
the info if anyone is interested.  I know some will think the price is 
low but I have not seen many around here that were high or comparabale to 
what I see on the net.  No demand at all for quattros around here(New 
Orleans) except by audi loyalists.