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Re: Quattro Club USA/Driving Schools

> On Thu, 9 Feb 1995, Dan Bocek wrote:
> > WRT the silly question, no, Virginia City is not in Vifginia; it's in 
> > Nevada, adjacent to Carson City - a long haul from DC I'm afraid.
> Disregard my last message Dan.  I assumed that Virginia City was in 
> Virginia too.  Being in Ohio, I don't think I'll make the trek.
> Is Mexico City still in Mexico?  New York City still in New York?
> 				----Bob

Did you know about Moscow, Idaho?

OK, Trick question.

Where is Kansas City?

To keep this an Audi related waste of bandwith, 
In My 1993 90CS 5sp I averaged 22.70mpg in 1994 using 480.14 gal. of 92-100
octane fuel to travel 10,900 miles. This even includes the two days of
Drivers School at Summit Point when I got 10.57mpg average for two days.

Who sez I'm not anal?


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