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Another good parts source

I had recommended my local Audi dealer, Bernardsville Audi for repairs
in the Central NJ area previously. That recommendation still stands.
Now, the dealership has changed hands and has a new name - Somerset Hills
Audi. The mechanics are the same (as competent as before).

The parts department is now offering Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche parts
at a discount via mail order. I know the parts manager, Stephan Soto,
personally and have worked out the following deal for the "quattro" list

	- Prices 15% off dealer list
	- No UPS shipping charges within the US
	- No COD charges for orders over $50
	- A one-time extra 10% off bonus for orders over $100
	- Technical advise given over the phone (can speak to the mechanics
	  if need be)
Phone numbers: 1(800)8-NEW AUDI  (within NJ only)
	        (908)766-1023	 (from anywhere)
Fax: (908)766-2346

When you call, ask for Stephan and identify yourself as a member of the
internet "quattro" list. I've told Stephan that we have another Audi dealer
(Linda @ Carlsen) who gives us good prices. So, he might be able to beat
Linda's prices on some items. This will be a good second source for those
"dealer-only" items. Stephan said that he will be able to get some parts
through the aftermarket (vs. Audi) for much less - same OEM parts, just
bought through another source.

Dan, could you please add this to the parts vendor list on the server?

Others are welcome to pass this info on to the porschephiles, corrado-l
and other vw lists.

I have no affiliation with Somerset Hills Audi other than as a satisfied

Zafer Mehmood				   AT&T Bell Laboratories
zm@mhcnet.att.com			   Murray Hill, NJ