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Re: Leaky radiator

> > While checking the reason for the flashing low-coolant light (again), I 
> > discovered that the seam around the top tank of my radiator is leaking 
> > considerably.  My question to the net is this:  Can this be repaired?
> It should certainly be repairable.  Using some sort of soldering 
> technique or something.  Now if it had plastic tanks, it woudl be 
> considerably more difficult and more expensive.
> 				---Bob

Sorry for a non-Audi question but...

My Mercedes 560SEL has a radiator with plastic tanks with a slow
leak at the joints. The MB service manual shows the procedure for repairing
such leaks but it seems involved. I am thinking of doing it myself. Anyone
have experience fixing plastic radiator tank leaks? Any advice/pointers?