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Re: My Battery Keeps Dying!

>I have a 1988 90 that I bought a few months ago.  All was well until a few
>days ago when I left the rear defroster on.  It stayed on while I was at work
>and drained the battery.  Today I go out and the battery is dead again. 
>Nothing was left on (that I can see).  One recent development is that the red
>lights on the door handles that display the window switches will not go out. 
>This is also true of the seat heater lights on the center console.  Are there
>any ideas as to what is going on and why?  This is becoming a big hassle.


My money would be on the circuit that feeds the power windows. The
rear window defroster in my car ( and probably yours ) is fed through
the "load shed" relay, and will be disconnected when the key is
removed. The seat heaters do the same.

However, the power windows have a bypass that allows you to run
them even after the ignition switch is removed, until the

I'm still puzzled how your seat heater light stays on.

Other possible drains:
1. The pump that pumps coolant after the engine if off ( turbo only )
2. Any of the fans, the injector fan, the radiator fan ... that run on.
3. The vacuum pump that powers the pneumatic door locks

etc etc.