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>	apparently you missunderstood. This was not about the >mechanics of introducing oil into the transmission but into the rear >of the transmission, the center differential.  There really is no >way for oil to get there below the normal

>	Now do you understand why I was looking for a "trick"?
>	has anybody used Mobil synthetic gear lube?
>	How about Castrol Syntec in the transaxle?
>	Phil

Sorry Phil,

I just opened one drain plug on the transmission, and
let the oil run out. Then I filled it up with MOBIL 1
75W-90 synthetic gear oil, using the pump tool.

It has been about eight or nine months, my transmission
hasn't died yet. Does that mean there is oil in the
cavity you talked about ? Should I start to WORRY ?

I described the tool as a syringe, that was a mistake
from poor memory. I do have a syringe tool, but have
used it to lubricate other things ( clothes dryer motors,
furnace motors .. Audi heater blower motors..).
The tool for the transmission is very much like
the pump on liquid soap dispensers, but a large version.

Alan Cordeiro