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I recently bought a '91 90Q 20V, which I love immensly.  My previous 
Quattro's have all been 4000 series. I have a couple questions for anyone 
experienced with the 90's.
1) It has climate cotrol (which the 4000's didnt) It keeps the 
temperature quite constant, except occasionaly suddenly it gets really 
cold in the car. No matter what I do, I cant seem to get my feet warm. 
(Iam in connecticut and its been quite cold here).  Also, besides trying 
to warm my feet (even in bi-lev)... how do I get warm air out of the top 
left(to the left of the steering wheel) vents?? The 4000 kept my hands 
warm when I drove, this does not.

2) On cold mornings, my struts(I think) make a funny noise when I go over 
a bump for the first few miles) I am assuming its because it's cold...I 
havent had it in the summer yet though..   but this is the first car Ive 
had that did this!
Any ideas??  Thank you.

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