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Re: your mail

Hairy green toads from Mars made Bob D'Amato say:

> I recently bought a '91 90Q 20V, which I love immensly.  My previous 
> Quattro's have all been 4000 series. I have a couple questions for anyone 
> experienced with the 90's.

Congrats. I got the same beast this summer for my wife.
I'll see if I can help.

> 1) It has climate cotrol (which the 4000's didnt) It keeps the 
> temperature quite constant, except occasionaly suddenly it gets really 
> cold in the car. No matter what I do, I cant seem to get my feet warm. 
> (Iam in connecticut and its been quite cold here).  Also, besides trying 
> to warm my feet (even in bi-lev)... how do I get warm air out of the top 
> left(to the left of the steering wheel) vents?? The 4000 kept my hands 
> warm when I drove, this does not.

We don't seem to have any problem with this. I don't drive the
car regularly, so I don't really know for sure, but I've never
noticed any problems. Angela hasn't complained, either.

Have you put a hand down there to see if anything *is* coming out?
On "econ", it should start from the defrost vents, then open up the
dashboard vents, then add the footwells in a minute or so.

> 2) On cold mornings, my struts(I think) make a funny noise when I go over 
> a bump for the first few miles) I am assuming its because it's cold...I 
> havent had it in the summer yet though..   but this is the first car Ive 
> had that did this!

This could be the trunk hinges/springs. I still need to check mine on
the 100Q. Does it sound like a metal-on-rubber squeak?


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