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Re: Thermo 101, Part II (Boost vs Compression Ratio)

> Thanks for the info., but isn't that the magazine with the well-endowed 
> women leaning over the cars? Is it a division of "Truckin'"?  They must 
> have really burnt the midnight oil on this one...
> 				----Bob
Actually, "Turbo & Hi-Tech Performance" (formerly "Turbo") magazine is 
one of the one's I've thought about subscribing to, I check it out most 
every month in the stands.  The only gratuitous female flesh I've noticed 
is in the ads.  The magazine has had recent articles on quantitative bene-
fits of extrude honing and other after-market performance upgrades.  In 
addition to turbos nitrous systems are discussed fairly regularly.  I 
finally learned what a NOS does to improve HP in an article in the magazine.

Steve Buchholz