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Memory Seats Have Alzheimers

Lately the 5kCSQ Wagon has had a problem with the memory seats.  The 
system does not seem to have forgotten the seat locations, but when 
one of the memory selections is pushed the seat will not always move 
to the proper position.  It sounds like when the thing works I can hear 
a relay actuate as soon as a button is depressed, but when the seat 
doesn't move no relay is actuated.  I found that the on/off switch 
seems to work, and if I hold down one of the memory buttons when I 
turn the memory on the seat will move to the selected position.  I 
pulled the switch out and disassembled it to clean it up ... didn't 
help.  I also notice that the buttons aren't ever illuminated.

Anyone out had to deal with a similar problem?  Any ideas?  Is there 
a schematic diagram of the controller out there?

Steve Buchholz