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Re: squirrels in my blower motor

>squirrels in my blower motor

>| Dan |

But thats why it is known as a "squirrel cage" blower motor.

Sorry, I just couldn't resist that one ...

But seriously, it it a noise that slowly cones on after the
motor has been running for a while. Does it suddenly increase
after you hit a pothole ? These are the symptoms I had.
I cured the noise by lubricating the bearings first with a 
silicon spray lube, ( it quietened down a lot ) through
the "access port" in the plastic housing from the engine
compartment side
A month later I attached a thin long nylon tube ( from
an electronic shop, it is known as "sleeving" to a syringe
filled with Castrol Syntec, and carefully guided oil
right onto the critical motor bearings.

I had a quiet motor for nearly six months ( actually it
is still quiet ) but recently it died because the brushes
wore out. My temporary fix of bending the brush-holder
is still working, but I now have a NEW ( $126 from IPC )
motor in my garage.

I intend to try Ned Bennet's method of replacement one
of these days. My guess is it will take four or six hours
the other way.

Finally, I have an '86 5ktq, but from carefully examining
the cutouts on the A8 and A6 displays at the Detroit Auto
Show, I am pretty sure that not much has changed in the
heating/ventilation design system over the years.

( Moral: Why re-design the system when it WORKS SO WELL
and is EVER SO EASY TO SERVICE when it does give trouble,
not that it ever does.... right ?) 

Alan Cordeiro
( you can tell I just love the HVAC design )