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Re: Front-end creak on 5000 ...

	You know, procrastination has its benefits.  Yesterday, I found
	out unequivocally what was causing the creak: one of front caliper
	mounting bolts fell off the freeway on the way home !  I guess
	I either had forgotten to torque them when I changed the wheel
	bearing last August, or they need to be replaced each time you
	remove them (they're self-locking).  Fortunately, I was able
	to drive home *very* slowly, even though I'd hear this awful
	grinding noise each time I applied the brakes (caliper rubbing
	against the rim of the rotor).

	So I guess the bolt slowly worked itself out over time: it started
	creaking when it was all the way out, but still held the caliper
	in place.  Then it fell out ...

	Thanks all for the helpful suggestions!