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Re: Stereo installation

On Feb 16,  5:04pm, Murari Srinivasan wrote:
> Subject: Stereo installation
> The 5k has wires for (1) and (3) above, i.e..
> the power wire which runs into the original
> stereo comes alive when the ignition is turned
> on, and of course, there is a ground wire.

	In that case, your Audi is wired differently
	from the others I have seen: it seems to
	be Audi/VW practice to let the stereo be operable
	even without the ignition key.
> Any reason why the stereo would need to be wired
> directly to the battery when it already has a power
> connection through the ignition switch ?

	For the clock, presuming it has one, and
	sometimes for other "memory" functions.