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Re: Stereo installation

   I'm trying to install this new Blaupunkt
   into my 5k. The Blaupunkt has three power
   related wires :

   1. power (8A fuse) to be connected to ignition
   2. Battery (3A fuse) 
   3. Ground.
   Any reason why the stereo would need to be wired
   directly to the battery when it already has a power
   connection through the ignition switch ?

The #2 wire above is connected "directly" to the battery (i.e., to an
unswitched +12 source). This is used to keep the radio's "memory" alive
when the main unit (#1 above) is switched off; ditto the clock and any
other "electronic" marvels provided by the unit. Current draw is typi-
cally very low and should not cause any problems unless you leave your
car sitting unrun for months on end.

Oftimes, you find a #4 wire which is the unit's "illumination", so that
the radio "lights up" based on dash lights (so you can find it at night,
even it the radio itself is "off").