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Re: well equipmed garage (was re:Control Arm Bushings)

> From: davidder@teleport.com (David R. Derting)
> Date: Thu, 16 Feb 1995 12:35:50 -0800
> Subject: well equipmed garage (was re:Control Arm Bushings)
> >>- -- [ From: Dariusz Leszko * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --
> Steve writes:
> >
> >I used liquid nitrogen to remove my bushings.
> Jeez, and I thought I had a well equipted garage for a amature: 2-ton press,
> engine lift, various pullers, etc!
> David

well, it wasn't exactly in my garage. My brother is the area manager for
a welding supply wholesaler. In addition to the liguid nitrogen, I also
found use for a demo of a nice new TIG system (runs on 110AC) and one of
those liquid crystal lensed welding helmets.

somebody's gotta test that stuff dontcha know !!

re: the $150 balljoints - those are actually the ones at the ends of
the rear tie rods. you can't purchase them alone - you must buy the
complete tie rod ($$$$ouch!!!!)

steve powers                                          spowers@spdg.com
stratos product development group                  seattle, washington

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